Nowadays, laundry services get immense popularity among house owners. After a long tiring day, you may not have the energy to do the laundry at all. That’s why most people go to professional laundry services these days. It is also true for the hotel business as well. As numerous people visit hotels almost daily, the workers have to deal with many clothes.

It is not possible for them to tackle the clothes professionally. That’s why they also hire an Airbnb laundry service to provide their guests with fresh and clean clothes. In this article, we have discussed the Airbnb laundry service in detail.

How Long Does the System Take to Do Laundry?

People generally stuff the washer at its total capacity, which is not suitable for the machine or their clothes. It also takes longer time than usual. But in general, one load can take one hour to wash and another hour to dry.

So, the experts can complete a minimum of five loads (which contain only towels, sheets and pillowcases) within five to six hours. Keep in mind that it may take a little more time if you want to clean your comforter.

Why Do Companies Hire Airbnb Laundry Services?

You may know that commercial washing machines and other associated things like laundry supplies and detergents are pretty expensive. There is no need to pursue an in-house laundry service on your own. You can easily outsource the laundry service at a reasonable price and get professional experience without any hassle. Consequently, you can save money and also make your guests satisfied.

airbnb laundry service

If you have an in-house laundry service, then, in that case, you need to invest expertise, manpower and money to do quality laundry on time. But when you hire an Airbnb laundry service, you don’t have to think about these matters and focus on extending your business and customer service. According to research, laundry time can be up to five hours per week.

The time may increase because there is also a lot of work involved, such as finding the correct type of detergent, sorting the dirty laundry, and drying and folding them after washing. Hire a professional Airbnb laundry service to avoid wasting time and focus on your business.

How Much Does It Cost?

Many guests think that Airbnb laundry fee is expensive and they also don’t want to pay a cleaning fee. But the fact is that the cleaning fee is not only about the washing itself. In most cases, the hotel owners also have a portion of the costs because they ensure that their guests get the highest standard of cleanliness. One thing to mention here is that too cheap laundry service may not be able to meet the quality. Therefore, check their quality and previous reviews before hiring a service provider.

When it comes to KingSpin Laundry Services, we provide fresh clothes equivalent to a 13-gallon kitchen trash bag at $45. This standard package can hold more than three loads. We also have an “X-Large Bag” package which is equivalent to two 13-gallon kitchen trash bags.

This package costs $60 and can hold more than six loads. We also provide an “XX-Large Bag” package, equivalent to two 15-gallon kitchen trash bags and costs $75. This package can hold more than eight loads. In general, we charge $6 for pickup and delivery. But if you don’t want to pay this charge, you can simply order weekly reoccurring services and that’s it.

Right Choice for Your Clothes

Hiring an Airbnb laundry service will help hotel owners get rid of the stresses of running in-house laundry. If you want to hire professionals for your business at a reasonable price, contact us at KingSpin Laundry Services.