About Us

Amanda King and Amy King KingSpin Laundry service Oklahoma City

Our story

Amy & Amanda King started King Spin in 2021. Before King Spin, they were owners of a local residential and commercial cleaning company for 16 years. This helped them understand that they didn’t just give their clients a clean house, they also added time to their clients’ lives.

Amy and Amanda realized they could relieve those same clients of the all-consuming duty of keeping up with laundry, and King Spin was born. Their goal has always been to improve people’s lives, allowing them to focus on the things that are really important to them; time with loved ones, self-care, hobbies and just living life.

It’s important to Amy and Amanda that they provide local jobs with a positive, nurturing work environment. They want to provide affordable and convenient laundry-service options that are customizable for individuals and all sizes of families.