Whether you are the Airbnb host or guest, laundry can be genuinely evil, even when you are on vacation. When you go on a vacation, you tend to take more clothes than necessary. No matter how light you think of packing your luggage, it will become more than you can handle.

Even if the trip is only for five days, after 1-2 days, you will be left with dirty clothes. Doing your laundry all by yourself on Airbnb can be tricky- especially if you are unfamiliar with the space and the appliances. You should consider getting Airbnb laundry services to make the job easier. Here are some tips to make the Airbnb cleaning experience better for you.

Use the Right Washer and Dryer

If you plan on doing your laundry, make sure they have both a washer and dryer. If not, then you will be stuck with hand-washing your clothes. But there is a chance you might face another problem. Most times, the washer and dryer you use at home aren’t the same as theirs. The Airbnb laundry services use highly efficient machines. Those machines and dryers are significant and can fit many clothes together. Even the way it operates might not match what you use in your house.

Sort Clothes Before Washing

The best tip to help you do your laundry fast is sorting it out beforehand. You need to ensure that your clothes are sorted according to color and fabric types so that they do not bleed and get damaged in the wash. The Airbnb laundry services usually do that for you to keep clothes from getting ruined.

The Time It Takes

Usually, the time it takes depends on how many clothes you wash. A load could take an hour to clean and an additional hour to dry. If you stuff the washer and dryer to their full capacity, it will take more time. To correctly complete a load, you need quite some time, which will shorten the touring time. The best solution to save time is to let the Airbnb laundry services do it for you.

The Cost

It depends on which Airbnb laundry services you have chosen for your cleaning. It also depends on the number of clothes you give them to wash. Some services charge money for picking up and delivering the dresses. You can ask for a discount on their services if they provide any.

The Best Laundry Service for You

Now that you know how important it is to get an Airbnb laundry service, try contacting KingSpin Laundry Services. They have the best professionals who clean your clothes and deliver them to your doorstep. Call to schedule a pickup today.