Everyone wants to keep their clothes clean and fresh, so they keep washing them after every wear. Sometimes garments start showing various signs of damage just after the first wash. Each kind of fabric comes with a set of instructions that you need to follow to keep the cloth in proper shape. Sometimes even after following some instructions, we are left with something that does not fit us anymore. The best way to prevent the fabric from shrinking is by giving the professional laundry service in Oklahoma City a call. They know the right way to do the cleaning without ruining the fabric. Read some tips and tricks you can follow to prevent cloth shrinkage.

Check the Label Before Washing

The first thing you should do to ensure you don’t harm the fabric is to check the label. Most clothes that need special attention come with a garment’s care tag. You should consider checking this tag even before buying to know what to expect. You can know if the fabric is shrinkable by checking the fabric type, like cotton or linen has the chance of shrinking after wash. Some clothes have the tag “dry clean only”; consider giving them to the laundry service in this case. If you want to wash them yourself, consider checking the recommended water temperature, drying instructions, and laundry cycle. DIY approach sucks a lot of energy and time, though.

Use Cold Water

Most laundry service professionals recommend washing all clothes in cold water. Some labels might suggest washing the fabric in warm water; otherwise, cold water is less harmful to clothes than other water temperatures. Clothes are more prone to shrink in warm water than in the cold. Even when you are using a washing machine, consider using cold water.

Don’t Over Dry

Over drying or exposing your clothes to a long-heated spin can harm your cloth immensely. There are clothes that have labels that instruct you not to opt for high heat. Instead, you can either use your air-dry settings in short intervals or give the clothes to the laundry service for the best results.

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Wash Your Clothes by Hand

Some fabrics are very delicate, and the machine can harm the cloth and make it shrink. The abrupt turns in the washing machine can cause harm to the fabric. In such cases, even after you follow the label instruction, there is a chance that the material will expand or contract. It is better to handwash these kinds of fabrics, and if you don’t have enough time, consider giving them to the laundry service.

The Right Place for Your Clothes

Pulling a cloth out of your wardrobe and realizing it has shrunk is disappointing, so consider contacting King Spin Laundry Services. Here we have laundry professionals that know the proper techniques to clean your clothes without damaging them.