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Linen is a fabric choice for most people living in Oklahoma City throughout summer. That is because it is one of those airy, lightweight fabrics that are very comfortable to wear. Most fashionable dresses, from bohemian linen dresses to luxurious outfits, are made of linen material. The material has properties that can take moisture away from your body which gives the fabric its characteristics. The problem with this fiber is once they crease, they remain so for the duration of wear. To increase the problem, wrinkles set in because of the body’s constant moisture release. The best way to take care of linen clothes is by giving them to the wash and fold laundry.

Machine-Washing Linen

Linen clothes are very delicate and need special care. However, you should always look at the manufacturer’s care label to check if they have provided any special instructions before deciding about cleaning. The trim and linings of the fabric can affect the method of cleaning. Sometimes people try to wash it in the machine with cold water and rinse it. Be careful of any harsh detergent as it can damage your fabric and make it unwearable. The best way to ensure it does not get bad is by giving it to professional wash and fold laundry.

Hand Washing the Fabric

Hand wash8ing linen might not be the worst idea after all. You can consider placing it in a sink with cold water and using a mild detergent. After gently rinsing the cloth, remove it from the soapy water. After that, you have to make sure to remove all the soapy water from the cloth. To do that, you have to fill the sink with clear water and put the linen in that again. Keep washing the garment till the water is soap free. This is a long process, and everyone might not have enough time to do the needful. In that case, you can consider giving your clothes to wash and fold laundry to get them clean easily.

Drying Linen Clothes

You should consider air drying your linen clothes to avoid any heat damage. You can place your fabric on a hanger or on a flat drying rack. Also, keep it for five minutes so that all the wrinkles go out. If you are considering outing it in the dryer, don’t leave it for too long. after taking it out, hang them on a hanger and do not wring it to remove excess water. Sometimes if you dry your linen clothes in the dryer, there is a chance of shrinkage or damage. The best way to ensure it does not face any damage is by letting the professionals handle it in the wash and fold laundry.

Make Cleaning Easier

Linen is a beautiful fabric, and you should be able to wear it without any worry. Leave all your worries to KingSpin Laundry Services. They provide the best care for what you wear and have a state-of-the-art laundry facility.