From 2020 to 2021, the number of people and businesses using commercial laundry services increased by 24 percent. Any business, whether it is a hotel, restaurant, gym, or even a medical practice, requires certain expertise and hard work to be run successfully. A major part of your day is likely to be taken up with hundreds of little jobs and responsibilities.

A commercial laundry service is going to save you loads of time and money and provide superior quality cleaning while they are at it. No more scrubbing for hours only to get defeated by stains, dirt, and grime. We at King Spin Laundry Services, OKC can help you with our convenient and affordable service.

Download our app (available for both Android and iPhone) and create your account. Make sure to set your preferences and schedule your pick-up time and date. On the day of the pick-up, place your laundry by the door in disposable bags. King Spin also has reusable laundry bags in three different sizes. We will deliver your laundered clothes, clean and folded within 24-48 hours. Laundry has literally never been easier!

Advantages of Hiring a Commercial Laundry Service.

Save Time

Running businesses, whether large scale or small, means that you are familiar with time constraints. You are probably busy the entire day working with clients or other operational tasks. It is not feasible if you also have to lug the dirty linen and uniforms into the laundry and then bring them back at the scheduled hour.

With the pick-up and drop-off service offered by commercial laundry services, you will no longer need to worry about a missed laundry errand ever again.

Save Money

Contrary to what many people believe, laundry services actually end up costing comparatively less than a traditional laundromat. Even if you were to do it yourself, you would have needed to invest in equipment, detergent, and even pay salaries. And, of course, we haven’t even talked about maintenance and repair costs yet.

A laundry service provider already has the equipment in place. You are only required to pay an honest, upfront cost. They are no additional expenses to haunt your budget. What’s more, you don’t even have to burn your own gas to visit an off-premise laundromat. The pick-up and delivery will see to that.

Quality Cleaning

Hiring a commercial laundry service ensures that your linen, sheets, uniforms, napkins, and other essentials are subjected to some quality, high-end cleaning. Cleaning pros are also well aware of what load requires what sort of washing. For example, uniforms from a mechanic’s garage will need grease-removing detergent and a heavy cycle. Commercial cleaners have shelves stocked with all different types of detergents that can remove any stain. In fact, a laundry service provider’s job doesn’t end with cleaning, they also make sure the clothes, linen, and fabrics are dried properly and neatly folded. King Spin Laundry Services also offers cleaning for delicate items that you may have been too scared to send into commercial laundromats.