Raise your hands if putting away laundry takes half of your day. This is the story of almost every house in Oklahoma City because it is hard to understand which one needs folding and which to go on the hanger. This becomes a more significant issue when organizing your closet each season. You might find a sweater you had worn only once or where should you put your belt. You have to solve all those problems and clean the ones that look dirty. If you hang the wrong material, it can ruin the shape of the cloth, while folding the wrong material can create a crease in it. While taking the decision might seem tricky, there are clear rules for hanging and folding your clothes which the laundry service professionals suggest.

Clothing Items That Requires Hanging

When you are deciding on which items you can hang, you have to consider your closet space. It would help if you organized your closet to fit all your clothes easily. Most laundry service experts claim that you should hang anything that consists of delicate material. It is also better to hang any clothes that you think need more protection. Some of the things that are ideal for hanging are:

Clothing Stuff That You Should Fold

When deciding which items to fold, it should not depend on which things did not fit on your hanger. According to laundry service pros, you should fold some items to avoid damage rather than hanging them. You can store these folded items on your shelves or dresser, but knowing they don’t hang should provide you with peace of mind. Some items that are good to fold are:

Get Help from Laundry Service

If you are still confused, you can let KingSpin Laundry Services’ professionals help you. They can assist you in cleaning your clothes and drying them for you. Call to schedule your pick-up today.