Laundry is a necessary evil for any establishment, whether a restaurant, gym or hair salon. In an effort to save money, many business owners take on the task of doing the laundry themselves rather than hiring an outside laundry service, despite the fact that this diverts time and energy from more productive pursuits.

But does doing your company’s laundry yourself save money in the long run? Consider the benefits and drawbacks of using a laundry service to decide whether or not it would be a good fit for your company.
Commercial laundry service usage may grow by over 24% between 2020 and 2021. Are you prepared to hire a professional laundry service to help with your linens and uniforms?

It’s more efficient and cost-effective to use a commercial laundry service. Are you having trouble with messes that stains, dirt, grime and grease cause? All it takes to make a difference is a linen service. Here are some scenarios where a commercial laundry service in OKC would benefit your company.

The Time Savings Are Substantial

One’s time is the most precious commodity, and in the business world, time is money. Workers no longer have to spend time on tedious chores like laundry and instead can focus on revenue-generating activities like customer service and streamlining business processes. It will be beneficial to your company and leads to increased profits.

Spend Less on Detergents and Other Laundry Supplies

Costs of doing laundry in-house include purchasing cleaning supplies, upkeep of laundry equipment, utility bills and the time and effort one spends folding, sorting and putting away clean clothes.

There will always be a price tag relevant to doing the laundry. These fees apply to the overall cost of using a laundry service. Hiring such services is more cost-effective than doing it yourself because they buy these supplies in bulk from manufacturers at reduced prices.

Be Environmentally Responsible Without Breaking the Bank

Sustainable practices and environmental consciousness should be at the forefront of every company’s mission. However, eco-friendly cleaning products and machinery options can be pricey or even impractical.

Here’s where eco-friendly laundry options like King Spin Laundry come in handy! We’ve switched to a non-toxic detergent, utilized wool dryer balls in place of toxic dryer sheets and installed energy-saving mechanisms that reduce water and electricity consumption in the washer by 30 percent.

Boosts Efficiency

Don’t have your company fork over cash to its employees to complete work that you could contract out instead. Hiring a linen service to handle your laundry can save time and money. It’s a common blunder for business owners to outsource tasks within their area of expertise.

When you hire a linen service, your workers can devote their full attention to the tasks.

In addition, your staff will be more content. When employees are satisfied with their work environment and their relationship with their superiors, they are more likely to go above and beyond to meet or exceed expectations.

Making It Easy!

Make haste. Help yourself to fresh, clean towels, uniforms and other linens without lifting a finger. Soon enough, you’ll see how having your commercial laundry pickup and delivery by a linen service can significantly improve the efficiency of your business.

Are you interested in discovering more about commercial laundry services for your company? Get in touch with us at King Spin Laundry in OKC to discuss our rates and find out how we can help streamline your operations.